A friend of mine came across a very interesting health article the other day, which has sparked my topic of choice for this week.  The article goes on to provide “weird and wacky” ways to burn calories that you might normally think of.  I have linked the article for more indepth explanations but below I have provided a quick run by of the various everyday tasks that having you burning without even knowing it.


Once again, these are not my own tips, I am simply passing along the knowledge I have acquired from Real Beauty.

1.)    Speed Walking at the grocery store -144 calories per hour

2.)    Blow drying hair/getting ready in the mornig-100 calories per 30 mins.

3.)    Texting- 132 calories per hour

4.)    Making out- 23 calories every 15 mins

5.)    Turning the shower water from warm to cold makes the body work harder to return it to its normal temperature- 100 calories

6.)    Using chopsticks- you will consume 25 less calories per meal

7.)    Cleaning windows- 132 calories per half an hour

8.)    Getting an extra 2 hours of sleep- 100 calories

9.)    Giving a 30 minute massage- 145 calories

10.) Laughing out loud- 40 calories per 10 mins of laughter

11.) Redecorating, moving tables and furniture- 266 calories

12.) Jamming to your favorite music- 100 calories

13.)  Taking the stairs- 100 calories every 20 sets of stairs


I hope these tips inspire you all to think about the little things you do every day.  This ways you can ensure you keep these activities in your everyday routine.


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