One of the biggest problems, I myself and the majority of college students run into is time management.  You are either going to class, meetings or chaining yourself to your desk as you prepare for the gauntlet of homework you have.  But if you plan it out you can find at least 30 minutes a day to workout.

1.)    Before Class

-Sometimes I like to get my workouts over with so I don’t have to worry about squeezing it into my schedule every day.  Once you wake in the morning carve out 15 minutes or so, splash some water on your face and go for a 10 minute run.  That way you can shower right before class and your body is charged and ready for the day.

2.)    In between classes

-Yes, you might have to sport that ever so fashionable gray t-shirt you’ve had since you were 14, but it will save you time.  If you have even 50 minutes between a class, go to school already dressed out and go run a mile in the gym.

3.)  On the way to class

-This works best for those who live off-campus, just because there is more distance between home and class. For example, if you have a bike, don’t take the bus, ride to school, be sure to not avoid the hills.  If you don’t have a bike running or power walking is always a good option.

4.) Before Dinner

-Personally I find it easier to work out before I eat, I am usually more motivated and not full.  It also gives you something to work for.  Plus once you work out you can replenish your body with essential nutrients and carbs .

Try out a few of these and see which one works best with your life.  It’s just important to make that extra effort to create a schedule that you can follow and keep you on track.


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