One way to keep track of what you eat on a daily basis is to have a food journal.  What this is, basically, is a small journal, or any sort of technology where you can save notes, that you can take with you and you record what you eat.  This may sound silly or ridicualous, but if you find yourself having trouble with the amount of food your eating or the type of food this journal will help you remember and concisuouly see.

One of the biggest myths about “dieting” or just eating healthy, is that the less you eat the better.  Well this isn’t always true.  Many nutritionist recomend you eat 8 times a day.  I know your probably scratching your head right now wondering if I’m crazy, well I’m not.

This means, 3 regular sized meals, and 5 snacks between the meals.  So either 1 or 2 after breakfast but before lunch, same goes for times between lunch and dinner.

Importan Note: We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Seriously guys, it’s so important that you eat something, anything. A piece of toast, a granola bar, anything.  Your body needs carbs to energize your body for the day.

Okay, so thats one, meal. Record it, right it down, remember it.  Be sure to write down also how much of it you ate, that is important. Portions could be the reason you either feel less energized or arn’t seieing weight loss results. Now in between breakfast, snack, you need to snack throughout the day so your body doesn’t feel like its being starved.  What many people think is that you give your body less you automatically will lose weight. Wrong! When your body realises it’s not getting food, it stores it, because it doesn’t know when it’s next meal is coming.  So by eating frequently throughout the day, your body digests quicker, and your metabloism becomes more regulated.

Back to the journaling, by having to pullout and write down everything you eat, it makes you want to eat less but still at least the 8 recommended times a day.  Good luck to you all!! Start journaling!!



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