Hello all, my name is Michelle, I am currently a Communication Studies major senior at Longwood University. I have always been interested and health my whole life. I would consider myself an athlete, I played high school softball, I used to play baseball, basketball and tennis just for fun. After being at college for 4 years now, incorporating health and fitness in my life has become difficult. With all the work that comes with college it’s hard to balance your time with academics and extracurricular. And what happens most often we try to prioritize our life and things like exercise are usually the first to go. As well as being interested in fitness and exercise I have a weakness for a good meal. I love to cook and create things; I love to eat in general. I believe that food is a very important part of our health as well as our social and family life. In my blog I hope to provide tips mainly geared towards college students, from one peer to another as to how incorporate fitness into our hectic lives. I also would like to talk about various meal plans or recipes that a college student could easily fix and cook in a timely manner. One day might be a fitness kind of day; the other might be about recreating “mom’s special dish.” I hope to help and inspire and receive any sort of feedback in regards to health and food. Happy blogging!


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  1. Nicole Dales says:

    Hey Michelle!

    I am really excited about this blog. I find it hard to find time while I am on campus during the week to make it to the gym, and by the time the weekend comes around I have no motivation to go workout at school. I am excited to see what sort of advice you have as to how I can incorporate fitness into my life.

  2. Gabby Buehrle says:

    This sounds like a really great and relevant topic! Can’t wait to see what recipes you post on here!

    Looking forward to your next post!

  3. Maria Soliven says:

    I could have used this blog earlier on in my college career. Interesting idea, and I hope to use a recipe or two from your blogs sometime before we graduate. Looking forward to the rest of it all!

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