Wait? What burns calories?

A friend of mine came across a very interesting health article the other day, which has sparked my topic of choice for this week.  The article goes on to provide “weird and wacky” ways to burn calories that you might normally think of.  I have linked the article for more indepth explanations but below I have provided a quick run by of the various everyday tasks that having you burning without even knowing it.


Once again, these are not my own tips, I am simply passing along the knowledge I have acquired from Real Beauty.

1.)    Speed Walking at the grocery store -144 calories per hour

2.)    Blow drying hair/getting ready in the mornig-100 calories per 30 mins.

3.)    Texting- 132 calories per hour

4.)    Making out- 23 calories every 15 mins

5.)    Turning the shower water from warm to cold makes the body work harder to return it to its normal temperature- 100 calories

6.)    Using chopsticks- you will consume 25 less calories per meal

7.)    Cleaning windows- 132 calories per half an hour

8.)    Getting an extra 2 hours of sleep- 100 calories

9.)    Giving a 30 minute massage- 145 calories

10.) Laughing out loud- 40 calories per 10 mins of laughter

11.) Redecorating, moving tables and furniture- 266 calories

12.) Jamming to your favorite music- 100 calories

13.)  Taking the stairs- 100 calories every 20 sets of stairs


I hope these tips inspire you all to think about the little things you do every day.  This ways you can ensure you keep these activities in your everyday routine.


Squeeze It in You Got Time

One of the biggest problems, I myself and the majority of college students run into is time management.  You are either going to class, meetings or chaining yourself to your desk as you prepare for the gauntlet of homework you have.  But if you plan it out you can find at least 30 minutes a day to workout.

1.)    Before Class

-Sometimes I like to get my workouts over with so I don’t have to worry about squeezing it into my schedule every day.  Once you wake in the morning carve out 15 minutes or so, splash some water on your face and go for a 10 minute run.  That way you can shower right before class and your body is charged and ready for the day.

2.)    In between classes

-Yes, you might have to sport that ever so fashionable gray t-shirt you’ve had since you were 14, but it will save you time.  If you have even 50 minutes between a class, go to school already dressed out and go run a mile in the gym.

3.)  On the way to class

-This works best for those who live off-campus, just because there is more distance between home and class. For example, if you have a bike, don’t take the bus, ride to school, be sure to not avoid the hills.  If you don’t have a bike running or power walking is always a good option.

4.) Before Dinner

-Personally I find it easier to work out before I eat, I am usually more motivated and not full.  It also gives you something to work for.  Plus once you work out you can replenish your body with essential nutrients and carbs .

Try out a few of these and see which one works best with your life.  It’s just important to make that extra effort to create a schedule that you can follow and keep you on track.

Food Journaling

One way to keep track of what you eat on a daily basis is to have a food journal.  What this is, basically, is a small journal, or any sort of technology where you can save notes, that you can take with you and you record what you eat.  This may sound silly or ridicualous, but if you find yourself having trouble with the amount of food your eating or the type of food this journal will help you remember and concisuouly see.

One of the biggest myths about “dieting” or just eating healthy, is that the less you eat the better.  Well this isn’t always true.  Many nutritionist recomend you eat 8 times a day.  I know your probably scratching your head right now wondering if I’m crazy, well I’m not.

This means, 3 regular sized meals, and 5 snacks between the meals.  So either 1 or 2 after breakfast but before lunch, same goes for times between lunch and dinner.

Importan Note: We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Seriously guys, it’s so important that you eat something, anything. A piece of toast, a granola bar, anything.  Your body needs carbs to energize your body for the day.

Okay, so thats one, meal. Record it, right it down, remember it.  Be sure to write down also how much of it you ate, that is important. Portions could be the reason you either feel less energized or arn’t seieing weight loss results. Now in between breakfast, snack, you need to snack throughout the day so your body doesn’t feel like its being starved.  What many people think is that you give your body less you automatically will lose weight. Wrong! When your body realises it’s not getting food, it stores it, because it doesn’t know when it’s next meal is coming.  So by eating frequently throughout the day, your body digests quicker, and your metabloism becomes more regulated.

Back to the journaling, by having to pullout and write down everything you eat, it makes you want to eat less but still at least the 8 recommended times a day.  Good luck to you all!! Start journaling!!


Easy Tips to Lose Extra Calories


1.)    Stair laps: every time you encounter a flight of stairs jog up and down them 3-5 times depending on how steep and how many steps there are.  This will provide a little extra movement that can go a long way.

2.)    Stand whenever you can: stand as often as possible. For example: on the phone watching TV, reading.

3.)    Dance During Chores: When washing dishes, sweeping/mopping, picking up clothes and/or other messes, jam out to music and dance.  This makes chores more fun and dancing burns a lot of calories.

4.)    Don’t eat in front of the TV: By watching TV you don’t realize what and how much you’re consuming.  Sit at a table and pace yourself.

5.)    Pour food into a Bowl:  This helps you regulate how much you eat.  Instead of eating out of a bag of chips pour them into a bowl so you can see the proper intake.

6.)    Substitute One Food a Day: Simple, take one bad food or snack out of your daily diet and substitute it with a fruit or vegetable. You can also substitute soda with water instead.

Good Luck!

Quick, Easy, and Semi Healthy Meals for a College Students Schedule and Pocket Book

After living in a townhouse for nearly a semester, my roommates and I have gotten very creative with not only budgeting the food we buy but with the delicious meals we concoct.

Teriyaki Chicken:


White Rice

chicken cutlets,

bag of mixed frozen vegetables

Teriyaki sauce


Boil rice in pot (10 mins approximately, or until rice is soft), in a skillet or frying pan place the defrosted chicken cutlets (every 4 minutes turn over the cutlets, continue this rotation for about 15-20 mins)  Unpack the bag of mixed vegetables and hit “DEFROST” on the microwave.  Then add the mixed vegetables to the skillet with the chicken.  Stir all ingredients together in the pan and slowly add the desired amount of Teriyaki sauce.


Chicken Barbeque Bowl:


Chicken cutlets


White rice

Barbeque sauce


Boil rice in pot (10 mins approximately, or until rice is soft), in a skillet or frying pan place the defrosted chicken cutlets (every 4 minutes turn over the cutlets, continue this rotation for about 15-20 mins).  Then place the rice in a bowl followed by the chicken cutlets.  Add a few tablespoons of BBQ sauce and mix well.


Lemon Pepper Chicken and Angel Hair Pasta:


Chicken cutlets



Rice a Roni- Parmesan Angel Hair Noodles


In a skillet or frying pan place the defrosted chicken cutlets (every 4 minutes turn over the cutlets, continue this rotation for about 15-20 mins). Add a squeeze of lemon juice every time you turn over a cutlet.  Be sure to season your cutlets as well with salt, pepper and a little bit of garlic salt.  Next follow the instructions on the back of the Parmesan noodles.  Finally add to the noodles off with the lemon pepper chicken and mix well.

Enjoy! Please try out these quick and simple recipes and give me feedback.  I am also open for any entrée requests, and I will try to find a quick and cheap way to make it.  Thanks and happy cooking.

4 Minute Miracle

Cardio is the key to staying fit and losing weight.  It burns tons of calories and improves your heart.  Those of you whose problem areas include the abdominal area or thighs, an increased cardio workout will become your best friend.  Everyone is different, everyone’s body reacts and adapts to things in different ways.  Personally I have learned that the more cardio I incorporate into my routine the faster I see results.  I myself take the more “natural” approach to exercise, meaning I use my own body weight and outdoors as my equipment.  I think your body weight alone provides ample resistance, not always needed through actual weight sets or machines.  By simply running, outdoors, the natural incline and weight of your body will help you increase strength.

But sometimes, I understand as a busy college student a 30 minute cardio workout can be difficult to squeeze in.  So I recently began this 4 Minute workout that is just as intense as a 10 minute jog.

Okay I’m going to break down each exercise in 3 simple steps:

STEP 1: RUN IN PLACE- bringing your knees as high as they can go, in attempt to reach you chest.  As you run (sprint) in place as fast as you can, you’re going to move from left to right. You are going to move very slowly to either side only spanning about 3 feet.

TIME DURATION: Complete for 20 seconds


STEP 2: MOUNTAIN CLIMPBERS- get in push up position, take your left foot and bring your knee up to your chest. Then alternate to your right foot.  Continue this motion alternating feet as quickly as possible.

TIME DURATION: Complete for 20 seconds


STEP 3: SEAL JACKS: this exercise is very similar to a jumping jacks but instead of bringing your arms over your head, you bring themin front of your chest.  Mimicking a seal, hence the name seal jacks. Continue this  routine bringing your hands together as quickly as possible.

TIME DURATION: Complete for 20 seconds



Total time will be about 4mins and 20 seconds

In the beginning this workout will be very difficult.  I consider myself a fit person and I struggled the first time I did it , so don’t get discouraged.  I recommend trying to complete one of the cycles.  Every day after that try to make it one step further until you can complete the cycle 3 times in total.

Good luck!

Where to start??

Okay, so this post is for those of you who want to began incorporating fitness and exercise in their life but aren’t really sure where to start.  It’s always tough in the beginning, when your either trying something new or picking up something you haven’t done in awhile, regardless of the task.  Not only will we start on the first step be physical but you mentally need to be ready as well.   One of the keys to successful progress in your fitness is to keep a positive attitude; this is what I have personally found true.  Many of will get discouraged when we don’t see results right away or your workouts are difficult but keeping a positive and go-get-em attitude can stand between success and failure.

One of the first things to consider when designing a workout routine that is almost custom built for you is to evaluate where you are physically.  For myself, I will run 1 mile (trying my best not to stop running) and take a look at my time.  Now if you have trouble completing a mile without walking, that should be your first goal.  It’s all about setting reasonable goals for yourself and at the same time pushing yourself.  Now when? and where? are two great questions.  Since this blog is geared towards college students, my suggestions will cater to this lifestyle.  I find that running in the morning is the best, because it gets your blood flowing and your heart pumping which will ultimately give you more energy for the rest of your day.  Another plus to running in the morning is actually getting it out of the way.  College students are known for procrastinating, especially me.  And we will find any excuse to put something off and say “oh I’ll get to that later,”  but we never do.  SO running in the morning eliminates the possibility of you taking it off your “things to do list.”  Where?  Personally I enjoy running outside, not just because of the fresh air but because of the natural obstacles I encounter that increase the intensity of my workout.  Find that killer hill that lurks around nearly every college campus and go!  The slight incline will provide more resistance which will make your body work harder and give you a better workout.

Well that’s all for this post, I will try to incorporate some of these tips as a starting point.  Next week I will include tips for those of us who either can’t stand running and would prefer another form of cardio.  Talk to you all next time. Please feel free to comment or question!

What to know??

Hello all, my name is Michelle, I am currently a Communication Studies major senior at Longwood University. I have always been interested and health my whole life. I would consider myself an athlete, I played high school softball, I used to play baseball, basketball and tennis just for fun. After being at college for 4 years now, incorporating health and fitness in my life has become difficult. With all the work that comes with college it’s hard to balance your time with academics and extracurricular. And what happens most often we try to prioritize our life and things like exercise are usually the first to go. As well as being interested in fitness and exercise I have a weakness for a good meal. I love to cook and create things; I love to eat in general. I believe that food is a very important part of our health as well as our social and family life. In my blog I hope to provide tips mainly geared towards college students, from one peer to another as to how incorporate fitness into our hectic lives. I also would like to talk about various meal plans or recipes that a college student could easily fix and cook in a timely manner. One day might be a fitness kind of day; the other might be about recreating “mom’s special dish.” I hope to help and inspire and receive any sort of feedback in regards to health and food. Happy blogging!